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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

mirrorWhile driving around one day, I heard an interesting message on the radio that dealt with how we perceive ourselves. We look in mirrors to see how we look, and the type of mirror we use can affect our perception of ourselves. If you are tall and skinny, you can look in one of those distorted mirrors that make you short and fat. If you are short and fat, you can use one of those mirrors that make you look taller and skinnier. I remember looking at those kind of mirrors in the circus as a kid and the fun you had seeing a different image of yourself. Computer programs do the same kind of thing today, only with photos. We can easily get caught up with our outward appearance and how we look and never pay much attention to what the inner mirror, the mirror of our heart may be showing.

James 1:23 compares the Bible to a mirror. It shows us what we really look like in the spiritual sense, and also what God is really like. All the other religions and cults use mirrors that distort the view of ourselves and of God. We have a tendency to go to the mirror that is most favorable to us, makes us look the best. “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one of all ?” We don’t want to see our sinful heart and a Holy God, so we seek out mirrors that make us feel good about ourselves. The problem is that those mirrors don’t show us the truth.

catlionThe great thing is that God can change the inward image in us, not be warping the mirror, but by transforming us inside to be more like His Son Jesus Christ. It is Christ who is the fairest one of all. He is the one that is ‘altogether lovely’ …..Song of Songs 5:10-16, and when we give Him our heart and mind, He can transform us from within through His Word. We can look into that mirror and not only see what we are, but what He is in the process of transforming us into !


Way back in the early 80’s I wrote a song called the “Mirror Song”. The first verse and chorus went like this.

“There’s a question we should ask ourselves every day that we live.
It’s a question that has two answers, but the right one’s hard to give.
It’s a question that’s not easy, for it deals with who we see. When I look into the mirror, do I see Jesus, or me. ”
Chorus: ” When you look into the mirror of your life today, do you see Jesus, Jesus ?

Do you see Jesus ? Jesus, do you see Jesus ?”

Just thought I would share that with you fellow bloggers today !

II Cor3-18



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