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Ruth- Part 1

 In this episode we look at the book of Ruth chapter 1. During a very difficult season of her life Ruth makes the most important decision of her life. This decision will have an impact on not only her life but the life of her children’s children for generations to come.  


In this episode Pastor Tim looks and the problem of addiction and the blueprint of breaking addiction as found in James 1:13-15. Some of the other item Pastor Tim talks about are. Temptation – Lust – Sin – Death – Preoccupation – Ritualization – Acting out Tim also give action steps for Breaking Addiction like:…

How Much is Too Much ?

Pastor Tim is teaching about Financial Freedom. Tim learned about Financial Freedom from pastor Charles Roesel, Retired pastor from First Baptist Leesburg, at a conference in Girdwood, Alaska. The final episode of the financial freedom series. We have already dealt with the over spending trap, this lesson deals with how to avoid the over savings…