Being Salt and Light in Ocean View, HI

Luke 23:32-56

hello this is Chris Martin from the wipe City Baptist Convention I wish I could be with you in person today but I want you to know we’re alongside of you we’re praying for you especially during this time as pastor Tim and his family transition to the next ministry location we thank you for your participation in your commitment to the wipes of it Baptist Convention and in return we’re committed to come alongside of you if you need me or my staff team or any of our churches please contact our office and we will be ready to assist you I look forward to seeing you in person soon god bless you thank you for your time Aloha Aloha Church family it’s good to be with you and to speak with you this is our last week at the church and we wanted to thank everybody so much for all that you’ve done for us and for the great times that we’ve had we are going to miss you a lot we already do miss you because of the coronavirus and we’re going to miss you a lot more because we’re going to be heading to the mainland we’re excited about God’s direction for us in the future but we’re also sad that we’re going to be missing so many of you so I want to give you a couple of quick announcements there is a business meeting today at 3 o’clock if you’re a member of the church you got an email about that and then right after the sermon we are going to be giving a some information about the future of Ocean View Baptist Church and that’s going to be connected right to the end of this video so in the sermon ends that’s going to begin that’s going to give everybody an idea of what we’re going to be talking about during the business meeting so if you haven’t seen that yet we encourage you to take a look at that it’s going to be about those three options again if you heard the three options during the sermon it has changed option number three has changed and we want you to be aware of that and so we wanted to take this opportunity to share that with everybody again this time last year East sir of last year we had a great Easter service and we baptized Derek and Abbi summers and this year were separated from everybody so a lot of together time last year not as much this year I just want to again say thank you my family wants to thank you for all that you’ve done for us and for the great ministry that we’ve been able to have here I want to encourage you to spend a lot of time in prayer I want to encourage you that unity is super important I want to remind you to expect great things from God as things are changing there are great things coming for Ocean View Baptist Church and finally I look forward to that new building and when that building is dedicated I’d love to be a part of that if that’s possible so I’ll thank you so much for all that you’ve been for our family and for all the love and aloha that you have showered upon us and we want to encourage you with that we want to let you know that we love you deeply and dearly that you will be in our prayers and you will be missed we have been walking through the Book of Luke and found herself at the end of chapter 14 last week this week we want to jump forward to Luke chapter 22 you will be seeing more from Nate and from Alan there will be a video on Wednesday from Nate and then another video on Sunday morning from Alan so they’re taken over where I am leaving off and they talked about that they’re going to be going back to where we left off but I’m jumping ahead to 22 because it is Easter Sunday it is Resurrection Sunday it is the day that Jesus conquered the grave we celebrate this every Sunday but especially on Easter Sunday and so we’re jumping ahead to Luke chapter 22 I’m going to give you kind of a running start at what’s going on then we’re going to actually begin in chapter 23 but in chapter 22 Jesus was arrested there was an illegal trial that was that happened before the Sanhedrin and the Sanhedrin is like the Jewish Supreme Court and they came to the conclusion that he had blaspheme God and that he should be executed now it wasn’t within their authority to be able to execute him and so they need to get the people that can actually execute Jesus and bring him before them they’re going to bring him before those folks falsely accuse him and get them to execute him so in chapter 23 verses 1 through 7 Jesus is brought before Pilate Pilate says there’s nothing wrong with this guy but I’m going to send him over to a man named Herod and so in chapter 23 verse 8 through 12 Jesus goes before Herod Herod is super stoked he’s like I get to finally see this guy do some magic tricks and to perform some miracles and Jesus says sorry I’m not going to do any miracles for you and Herod goes well you’re back to Pilate and so in chapter 23 verses 13 through 25 he goes back to Pilate in the Book of Luke Pilate goes before the people and says hey it’s our custom to let one thief go free I’m going to give you two options option number one is the perfect king of the Jews Jesus option number two is the murderer and the instigator of problems Barabbas who do you want and the choose the the crowd choose Barabbas well what should I do with Jesus and the answer that the crowd gives is crucify him eventually Pilate decided there was nothing he could do to save Jesus life and so he decides to crucify him but before he crucify him there is some floggings and some beatings and a cat ninetails and mocking and all these different types of things and so Jesus is carrying his cross in Luke chapter 23 26 through 32 part of crucifixion was the actual execution of a prisoner and the torture of a prisoner but the other half of crucifixion was humiliation and what the the Romans considered a teachable moment and so they would teach all of the people hey if you stand up against the Roman government you are going to be tortured and killed upon a cross and so they had you carry that horizontal post so hopefully you’ve seen a cross you’ve got a vertical post and a horizontal post you carry that horizontal post and Jesus is carrying that horizontal post and he collapses underneath the weight and Simon of Cyrene is chosen to carry Jesus cross and so that is kind of where we end up at the end of verse 31 and we pick up in Luke chapter 23 starting in verse 32 in verse 32 we see that he is being crucified with a couple other guys in verse 32 two others also who were criminals were being led away to be put to death with him verse 33 and when they came to a place called the skull they were they crucified Him and the criminals one on the right and one on the left and Jesus was saying Father forgive them for they do not know what they’re doing and they cast lots dividing up his garments among themselves so we’ve got quite a few things going on here the first one is they crucified him Jesus was killed by crucifixion and experts in torture tell us or people that know about torture I should say tell us that crucifixion is one of the most ways to die and the way that crucifixion happened was that a cross was built sometimes and most of time a vertical beam with a horizontal beam were lashed together somehow whether with a nail or whether with a rope or whatever and what would happen is they would lay that cross on the ground and they would they would nail a person to the cross and they would they would take two nails and they put one nail in between the two bones and your arm and put you on attach you to one side of the cross and then with the other arm they’d do the same and so you would hang from those nails within your wrists excuse me and as you would hang eventually you would get so tired that your your lungs would get compressed and you wouldn’t be able to breathe and the way they allowed you to breathe was by taking your feet and pushing your legs up a little bit so you had something to stand on and they would cross your feet and then drive a nail through your feet and so if you wanted to catch your breath you would have to push up on the nail in your feet to raise yourself to be able to take a breath and then fall back down okay and they take this cross that was on the ground and they would dig a hole in front of it and then they would erect that cross and what would happen is the cross would go up it get vertical above that hole it would drop a number of feet and then come to a sudden stop and a lot of times that would dislocate the arms right at the shoulders and maybe even at the elbows and so it was not uncommon for people to hang upon a cross for five or more days what we see in the story of Jesus is that he has been so abused before up to this point that he only lasts a few hours but Jesus is crucified and what we have here are some of the events that happened while he is actually hanging on the cross again we’ve got two criminals with him one of them on the right and the other on the left you can see what Jesus is going to do next is something that is probably crazy for most of us we have these what we call the the sayings of Jesus upon the cross are the things the words that he utters well he’s on there now remember in order to uh Terr those words he has got to push up on the nails on his feet be able to breathe and to speak and so a lot of the well all these sayings are really short the first thing that we have recorded it in the Book of Luke there is Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing now these men have taken advantage of Jesus they have abused him in every way they’ve done illegal trials they falsely accused him they’ve released Barabbas instead of him they have spit on him they have tore out his beard they have beat him with rods they have mocked him and and put a crown of thorns upon his head they’ve done all these things to Jesus they’ve hung him on a cross and his words are father forgive them father forgive them there it’s amazing what forgiveness can do now we’ve talked a lot about forgiveness at our church and we’ve identified forgiveness in a couple of different things forgiveness first of all says that you don’t owe me any more when you forgive someone the the reason we wouldn’t forgive is if someone does something bad to you then it makes sense that you get to do something bad to them in fact the Old Testament reflects this it says I for an eye tooth for a tooth if someone hits you in your eye and takes your eye out you have the right to take their eye out if someone punches you in your face and your tooth you had a right old testament right to remove their tooth from their face and what Jesus is saying here is he saying father I release them from the obligation they are they have abused me and beaten me and tortured me and crucified me but I release them from having to do that back to them and so forgiveness not only says you don’t owe me any more forgiveness also says this is my Independence Day I no longer have to do something to you when you release somebody through the act of forgiveness you are you’re also releasing yourself from having to do something from having to get vengeance so forgiveness does that now forgiveness is not something that we do because someone deserves forgiveness in fact there’s a lot of things that God asks us to do that people don’t deserve the reality is though it’s something that we do not only for the person that has sinned against us but it also again is our Independence Day the other problem that a lot of times people have with forgiveness is they they don’t know the difference between can forgiveness and reconciliation forgiveness means you don’t owe me anything reconciliation means we get to be friends again you can forgive somebody but not reconcile with them in other words you can say you don’t owe me anymore but I’m not going to trust you again okay forgiveness doesn’t mean I trust you forgiveness doesn’t mean you can babysit my kids forgiveness doesn’t mean you can drive my car forgiveness doesn’t mean you can take advantage of me again that’s reconciliation forgiveness means you no longer owe me and that is what Jesus is doing here on the cross we’re going to see two thieves in just a minute we’re gonna see that thief on the right and the thief on the left and I think what Jesus does here his forgiveness is going to speak to one of these thieves look at what it says in verse 35 and as the people stood by looking on and even the rulers were sneering at him saying he saved others let him save himself if this is the christ the son of the chosen one the soldiers also mocked him coming up to him offering him sour wine and saying if you are the King of the Jews save yourself now there was an inscription above him this is the King of the Jews now you see what’s happening here is Jesus did all of these miracles Jesus talked about the temple being tore down and being rebuild in three days Jesus talked about being God in Carnac and now people are going to start mocking him well if you are God if you really do have this power if you really have this ability then take yourself off the cross now in their minds there’s no way he’s going to be able to do this I want you to think about something for a second if Jesus who he claimed to be is who he claimed to be then he could have removed himself from the cross he could have gotten out of that situation with that said what would have happened to the rest of us had Jesus done that I think well I know that the answer Jesus died on the cross as a propitiation for our sins to be a propitiation for our sins means that he is not only the sacrifice for our sins but he’s also the priest who offered the sacrificed he is the all-encompassing way to God the only way to God he said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me and we come to him because of his sacrifice on the cross He gave His life in place of me and in place of you and if Jesus have succumb to the temptation of sneering men to come off the cross you and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to be saved and so it was not within God’s will for Jesus to come off the cross you know sometimes we think that God should do things the way that we think he should do them sometimes we walk away from God because we said God if you will just save this person that I love and not let them die then I will give my life to you and then the person died or we say God if you will just do this for me if you will just show yourself to me then I will follow you the rest of my life and God doesn’t deliver and we have this idea that we know what is best for us and I think some people would think even today the best thing for Jesus would be to come off that cross but what Jesus did was he stayed there he said instead of having a moment of glory and showing my power and proving to these people who will not believe anyway that I have the power to do this I am going to stay that moment of glory and get glory forever I am going to do what is hard and what is difficult so that people can have a relationship with God you see Jesus wasn’t into self saving he was willing to submit his life and his will to what God wanted so that we might have a benefit you know sometimes God will use your pain and your agony so that someone else might come to know Jesus we’re going to see that in our next verses here look at verse 39 with me one of the criminals who was hanging there was hurling abuses at him saying are you not the Christ save yourself and us but the other answered and rebuked him and said do you not fear God since you are under the same sentence of condemnation and we indeed are suffering justly for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds but this man has done nothing wrong you see there’s two men both of them criminals both of them deserving death both of them should be on the cross that they’re on one of them is going to join with the crowd and the crowd is saying it loser come off the cross if you can oh you can’t do it Kenya they’re mocking him and ridiculing him and we’ve got Pharisees doing that we got Sadducees thing that we’ve even got prisoners doing that or or soldiers doing that and now we’ve got a prisoner who’s doing that too now why does he want Jesus to display his power you can see in this verse and if you’re an under liner they’re here hurling abuses at him are you not the Christ save yourself and he doesn’t stop there and us well you’re saving yourself don’t you know we’re in the same kind of situation that you’re in so just take everybody who’s on a cross off the cross he wants he’s kind of mocking Jesus in an attempt to gain his own salvation okay now the other criminal does some interesting things what we have in verse 40 the other answered him do you not fear God in other words look even in the last minutes of your life when you’ve been condemned when you’ve been put upon this cross when you’re suffering what you deserve you still can’t get to a place where your pride gets out of the way where you can be humble okay look at the rest of verse 40 do you not fear God since you are under the same sentence of condemnation that we indeed are suffering justly I want you to notice in verse 41 those words we indeed are suffering justly he is acknowledging his sinfulness he’s acknowledging that he is getting exactly what he deserves for we are receiving what we deserve for our deeds okay you see he actually mentions that and he goes on to say but this man has done nothing wrong interesting he admits that he’s a sinner secondly he acknowledges that Jesus is God that Jesus has done nothing wrong that Jesus is pure and perfect finally in verse 41 I’m sorry in verse 42 and he was saying this Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom and he said truly I say to you that you will be with me in paradise now this is the second saying of Jesus upon the cross in the Book of Luke we’ve got them other places and commentators have tried to arrange them we’re just looking at the Book of Luke okay interesting what this man says remember me when you come into your kingdom he is literally trying to build a relationship with Jesus so what we have in this man’s life is first of all acknowledgment of sin secondly acknowledgment that Jesus is God is sinless and third he wants to be in relationship of God no we kind of boil this down a lot of times the ABCs admit you’re a sinner believe that Jesus died on the cross and then he rose three days later that if he rose three days later he’s God and then call upon him to be the Lord of your life in other words began a relationship with him and so we have the entire gospel in what this man says in these couple verses okay now notice when this man exhibits true saving faith in Jesus Christ that Jesus uses some of those precious words that he has on the cross today you will be with me in paradise and what he is doing there’s an assurance of salvation here there’s an assurance of of this man making it to to paradise to end to Jesus relay into this Jesus relationship into a follower of Jesus look I think this is a super important all of us need to be in relationship with God God sent His Son Jesus to die upon a cross so that you could have forgiveness of sins once you give your life to him one of the most important things that you need to know is that you are saved if you’re not saved it’s time to get saved but once you are saved there needs to be an assurance that you are that you are completely forgiven that you can do nothing to separate yourself from God that Jesus loves you deeply and dearly okay and Jesus spends some of his words on the cross giving that assurance and if you know him as Lord and Savior I think he would like you to know today that you are saved okay Hebrews tells us that that God wants us to know that we’re saved and so look at verse 44 with me now was about the sixth hour and darkness fell over the whole land until the ninth hour so this is going to happen between noon and 3 p.m. because the Sun was obscured and the veil of the temple was torn in two and Jesus crying out in a loud voice said father into your hands I commit my spirit having said this he breathed his last now when the century saw that this had happened he began praising God saying certainly this man was innocent now we’ve got this three-hour period of time and some amazing things are going to happen in this three-hour period of time in verse 45 we’ve got the veil of the temple being torn in now this is pretty significant because the veil of the temple was a curtain of a very large curtain that separated the Holy of Holies from the holy place the Holy of Holies is where the Ark you know the Moses Ark maybe you’ve seen it in the Raiders of the Lost Ark or something like that but that Ark was in the Holy of Holies it was basically described as where God is seated and there was one man that was allowed to go into the Holy of Holies to offer a sacrifice for the entire nation and he wore little bells on his on his clothes and they would tire a rope and he would go past the veil and he would go offer this sacrifice and when he offered the sacrifice if it wasn’t acceptable to God he would die and no one would be able to go in and get him so they would take the rope and they would drag him out okay one man one time of year an offering for the entire nation of Israel that is happening this man is in there offering this sacrifice when Jesus dies on the cross okay and the veil is torn that separation between human beings and God is torn now history tells us first of all that that curtain that veil was not just a flimsy curtain that you might have in your house it was 1 meter thick and it wasn’t torn from top to bottom and it wasn’t torn horizontally it was actually torn or vertically in such a way that it was never able to be repaired after that I think it’s significant that Jesus death happens right when the sacrifice is going on and that Jesus death is is what allows us access to the throne room of God ok in verse 46 Jesus cries out in a voice he says father into your hands I commit my spirit having said this he breathed his last again we’ve got this I this saying on the cross father into your hands I commit my spirit you know this is probably not something Jesus needs to say every aspect of Jesus life has been committed into God’s hands every aspect of what he’s done every aspect but once again he’s saying Lord in my life I want your will be done and now in my death I give myself to you I submit myself and my will to your authority and then the Bible says that’s the last thing that he says where he actually breathes his last and dies after that and so he is again committing his life into the hands of the Lord finally in verse 47 we’ve got a Centurion now Centurion is in charge of a number of soldiers he’s at the foot of the cross probably one of those guys that was mocking Jesus saying come down but when he sees all of this stuff happening when he sees the the darkness a lot of people think that maybe that that darkness was actually a solar eclipse that happened in Jerusalem around 33 AD which is the same time that about the same time that we think that Jesus died I actually think it was a solar eclipse people in that day thought they they thought of judgment when a solar eclipse happened solar eclipses happen probably the same time Jesus was hanging on the cross all of these things coming about this the other sayings of Jesus but Jesus forgiving those who are are crucifying him and torturing him and beating him his ability to give strength to the soldier on the cross and to accept him into his kingdom while he is dying where Jesus is not just thinking about his own pain and suffering he’s actually thinking about the the people around him and ministering to the people around him where this this solar eclipse and this darkness happens where the veil of the temple other verses say that that when Jesus died there was an earthquake and that that dead people came back to life all of these things are happening and a Centurion realizes that this man really was innocent and the reality is that this Centurion has come to the conclusion that many of us have that Jesus is the perfect pure son of God he is the Lamb he is the one who has done nothing wrong and yet he was crucified he was put to death in your place and in my place so that we might have a relationship with God my last words as pastor I want them to be to let you know that the most important thing that you can do in your life is give it to Jesus it’s the wise man who is not afraid to give up what he cannot keep to get what he can not to gain what he cannot get for himself a relationship with Jesus begins when you give your life to Him and goes into eternity that is the most important thing that you will ever do as a person is to give your life to Jesus now after we give our life to Jesus the most important thing we can do is to tell other people we are one bagger telling other beggars where they can find bread and so Ocean View Baptist Church needs to be about this gospel ministry it needs to pur me everything that we do it needs to permeate every area of our life and I know that there’s a lot of things going on with with coronavirus right now I know that this is not what I had imagined my last day would be like I just want to let you know to hang in there you can do this you know when when he gives us strength to do things that we don’t think we can do he gives us strength to overcome things that we can’t overcome and when we come to a point where we say I cannot do it then he steps in and he helps us to do it he wants to help you through your difficult times he wants to help you through your through the diseases and the problems and the marriage issues and all of those things he wants to intervene but you have to submit your will to him you know we really are all in this together I believe a lot of what happens with Jesus on the cross and him ministering to people happens when he forgives and you and I need to forgive like we mean it that doesn’t necessarily mean reconciliation in every situation in fact sometimes reconciliation would be unwise but it does mean that we declare our independence and we say you no longer owe me there is a lot of hope in your future God has this thing he has every aspect of every situation under control I want you to remember that I am your second biggest fan I want you to dream big dreams I want you to plan and and create goals to achieve those dreams and I want you to go for it I want you to get out there and be the man be the woman be the boy be the girl that God has called you to be the gospel is important it’s important that we reach people with the gospel and it’s important that you live the gospel that the gospel permeates every area of your life that it permeates your finance is that it permeates your decision that it permeates your relationship that it permeates your marriage that it permeates how you parent or how you be a student it permeates how you work it permeates every aspect it needs to encompass the way that you take care of your body it needs to encompass every aspect of your life and when you give every aspect of your life you will find that it’s not necessarily easy but it is the best thing that you can do with your life I want to thank you from my family for the opportunity to be your pastor for the last four and a half years I want to encourage you that God has a bright future for you and I want to again thank you from my family for our time together I wish we could say goodbye in person but I look forward to seeing you again if not here in oceanview or in some other place we’ll see you again in heaven I love you guys so much thank you and let’s close in a word of Prayer father we do thank you for this opportunity that we have to look into your word father we thank you for this special day in our calendar that we look at your resurrection that we see what you have done that we see the amazing power that you have that you have the power over death that you have the keys to hell that you have the power over the grade that you that you took control of Satan we know that some day that your foot will be upon his head and you will crush it father we look forward to that day we look forward to that day when we can stand with you in glory where we can cast our crowns before you help us to live our lives in a way that we might receive the prize that we might hear from you those precious words well done good and faithful servant we thank you we pray all of these things in Jesus name Amen



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